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Frequently Asked Questions

I always shoot low and I can't figure out why. How do I fix it? 

New and rusty shooters often think they can outsmart the gun and counteract the recoil by pushing down as the gun pushes back. But you can't; you're never quite in sequence with the gun so you end up shoving the muzzle down at the wrong time and sending the bullet lower than you want. How can you fix it? Think about pressing the gun FORWARD instead of down. Use your dominant hand to drive the gun forward toward the target, while your non-dominant hand pulls backward against your dominant hand, as both are wrapped around the gun. You should feel the push-pull force down both arms and even into your shoulders. You can even practice it without the gun while you're sitting and watching TV in the evening. This force will be a conscious effort at first but it will eventually become second nature and your low shots WILL be minimized!

I inherited a WW II revolver from my grandfather, but my husband says I should shoot a semi-auto. How do I know what gun is right for me?

THAT is a very singular decision. It's kinda like falling in love: When you find the right gun, you'll know it, but you may invest quite a bit in a lot of duds along the way. And, much like modern romance, the right gun today may not be the right gun forever. New models are always coming along and, happily, no one much cares if you accumulate a collection of "favorite guns" or if you acquire new guns and divest yourself of the old ones every few months. Much tidier, come to think of it, than romance!

Consider Everything

Just be careful about taking too much advice from other people! Don't get us wrong, you SHOULD ask questions and get input from folks who have been shooting longer than you. But don't assume that what works for one person will work for you. There's a lot to consider: how big are your hands? Do they wrap snugly around the grip? Are your fingers long enough to comfortably reach the trigger? Are they strong enough to pull the trigger? If you've decided to go with a semi-auto, does your dominant hand thumb reach the magazine release and can you smoothly drop the mag with contorting your hand? And can you rack the slide? If you can't, don't freak out; it's a learned skill that you'll easily master with guidance. And even if you have weak hands or arthritis, there are plenty of models with easy-rack slides. And speaking of slides, if you are trying to choose between revolvers and semi-autos, remember that the slide helps to absorb some of the recoil in a semi-auto. With a revolver, the only thing absorbing recoil is you. Revolvers are much simpler to use that semi-autos -- but they also hold much less ammo on average. In a crazy, dangerous world, having more ammo, not less, kinda makes sense.

Visit Local Shooting Ranges

But, again, that is a personal decision. Best thing to do is to go to several local ranges that rent guns. Try out a variety of models and see what feels good in your hands and what you shoot most accurately. In the end, maybe you keep grandpa's revolver for sentimental reasons but buy a semi-auto or a concealed carry revolver for protection. Just take your time and make a choice that fits your wallet, lifestyle, hands, body type and overall needs. And the great thing about guns is that, if you change your mind down the road, there's always someone out there who wants that type of gun and is willing to put down some bucks for it if you've kept it in good condition!  

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