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Class Sequence 

This page is designed to help you decide what order to take your classes in for maximum learning and impact. The courses listed on this page are all available through Survival Training LLC. But we also encourage you to train with other skilled professionals, such as those highlighted on the home page. 

Recommended Course Continuum

If you are starting out in shooting and personal defense, we recommend the following sequence of training classes:

(NOTE: the length of classes varies somewhat depending on the number of students. Listed times are based on 6-10 students.)

BEGINNER'S BASIC DEFENSIVE HANDGUN -- Designed to introduce firearms and the fundamentals of personal defense in a relaxed and welcoming environment. We answer all questions, discuss tough topics, take time to laugh, and just generally keep things relaxed. And did we mention coffee and doughnuts? This class features minimal shooting -- just a sampling.  3-4 hours

MARKSMANSHIP VERSUS DEFENSIVE SHOOTING -- This course is a transition from the foundations of shooting to the mechanics. Classroom exercises will give way to live fire exercises on the range, as we work to help you perfect your form, get comfortable with the act of shooting, and prepare for your CCW license class. If you don't plan to get your CCW license, this is a great substitute class to help you prepare for home defense. This class offers more shooting time than classroom time. 3 hours  


(any of these classes will allow you to qualify for your Concealed Carry License in the State of Florida)

USCCA CONCEALED HANDGUN & HOME DEFENSE -- This in-depth course offers detailed explanations on the physiological reactions we experience in a high stress encounter, it covers the mechanics of operating a firearm, the legal ramifications of a personal defense encounter, the laws of the state of Florida and much more. Successful completion of this course will give you the paperwork necessary to apply for your Florida Concealed Weapon License or simply be safe and proficient for "permitless carry". 5 hours.

USCCA WOMEN"S BASIC, INTERMEDIATE & DEFENSIVE HANDGUN -- A woman-only class designed to approach shooting and personal defense from a female perspective. This course offers a detailed review of personal defense encounters, concerns specific to women, the fundamentals of firearms and marksmanship, and the tips and tricks that will make you a better shooter. Completion of this class will allow you to qualify for the Florida Concealed Handgun License or simply be safe and proficient for "permitless carry". 5 hours

SENIOR CCW -- if you are over 50, you may have concerns and physical limitations that are different or more pronounced than younger folks. This class addresses those concerns, moves at a more leisurely pace on the range, and provides plenty of handouts and senior-specific content, as well as Florida law and the major components of all our courses. 4 hours  

RANGE ONLY CCW -- For the more experienced shooter, who simply wants to understand the law and qualify on the range. We make it easy with this two hour course that emphasizes shooting skills and live fire exercises. 2 hours


Check back as we complete our course syllabus.

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