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In the meantime, please email or in order to ask about or schedule training, or check out our class selections at (search by our names)

Beginner's Basic Defensive Handgun

Basic, simple, clearly explained and honest/straightforward. This class dosen't make assumptions or pass judgments; it teaches and guides. You will actually enjoy it, no matter how nervous you are! 3-4 hours.

Comprehensive USCCA Concealed
Carry & Home Defense

One of the most comprehensive Concealed Carry courses available. Detailed, interesting and jam-packed with information. Perfect for the new concealed carrier who wants to know all there is to know! 6 hours.

Countering the Mass Shooter Threat
ask about special classes for churches & businesses, as well as vulnerability assessments.

This course can be a complex review of Active Shooter/Armed Intruder incidents over the past 20 years, or it can be a basic 60-90 minute review of the principles of "Run-Hide-Fight" and how to identify a threat or both! Contact an instructor (button below) to discuss your company/organization's needs.

Women's Basic, Intermediate
& Defensive Handgun Training

Developed and taught BY women FOR women!! Whether you are new to firearms or have some experience, this stress-free progressive class will help you to develop both your firearm skills and a defensive mindset.

Active Violence
Emergency Response Training

AVERT gives you the tools to understand how to recognize warning signs, react quickly in an active shooter situation, and learn how to control bleeding in life-threatening situations. AVERT is active shooter response training with the addition of techniques on how to stop the bleed of victims.

Senior CCW

Understand the carry rules and training parameters from the context of aging. What should you be more aware of? What are your misperceptions? Which firearms work for you and which work against you? How can you overcome the limitations of age in order to defend yourself effectively?

One-on-One Training

USCCA Instructor Development Course

As a Training Counselor, Tara has been authorized by the USCCA to conduct classes that certify students as USCCA Instructors. With one of top training programs in the nation, the USCCA will not only prepare you for a rewarding and lucrative career as a firearms instructor, but it will support you step-by-step as you find your niche and build your student base. Contact Tara to schedule a class.

Marksmanship Versus Defensive Shooting

Perfect post-basics or post-CCW class to get comfortable with BOTH the fundamentals of marksmanship AND the foundations of defensive shooting. Your should be safe and reasonably comfortable holding a gun before taking this class. 

HR 218 Certification*

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Troubleshooting 101

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Basic Riflecraft

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Also ask about "mini classes" covering specific training topics for
your group, business, church, organization, etc.
We will happily set up
content-specific classes, catered training, full-day family instruction, neighborhood instruction, monthly breakfast programs for your company/organization and more!

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Recent Reviews...
  • "Fantastic class and amazing instructors! The content of the class was explained very well along with situational examples which help us to understand clearly what we were learning. I HIGHLY recommend the classes from here and can't wait to extend my knowledge, experience and practice in taking more classes."  -- Gretchen C.

  • "The class was well organized with all necessary relevant information. Excellent discussion of mechanics of a pistol. Range experience was very good for the beginner level. Both instructors were knowledgeable and communicated clearly. Ample opportunity for questions and further discussion. Well done!" -- Sue K.

  • Really enjoyed the class. The instructors were great. They gave good individual instruction and corrections to each of us. The class consisted of everything from novices to those that were comfortable and experienced. A great experience! -- Nancy F.
  • Tara Engel was thoroughly knowledgeable regarding the subject of firearm safety and displayed that knowledge in a way to which we could all easily feel comfortable. She was able to relate to each student based on their skill and confidence level. Tara is a gifted teacher with an incredible amount of knowledge, yet is able to relate to each student based on their experience and comfort level with firearms. I would enjoy continuing firearm training with her as my teacher." (Note: some classes are taught only by Tara and some only by John) -- Joan A.
  • "First let me say, I felt welcomed. From the time I first walked in the building, ever interaction was amazing, I would really encourage people to take Tara's class, she is kind, considerate, so very helpful and has so much knowledge!!! I will be taking more classes! Definitely!!!!" -- Marie W.
  • "A perfect class for my wife and I. So glad we had the opportunity to take it. The instructors are great!" -- Randy R.
  • "I have been around guns all my life and I took this course with my daughter and my mother-in-law and wife. (Tara) did an excellent job making the women comfortable in the class. My mother-in-law was the one I was most concerned about but she did wonderful." -- Gardner B. 
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